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Escape from Feelings

Posted on September 26, 2016 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

"You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living

until the escape becomes the habit."

David Ryan

Life can be tough, very tough. It is tempting to seek out mental or physical escapes to avoid pain and stress. Behind the escapes of food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, shopping, etc., is a sense that we are unable to handle the difficulties dealt to us. As the quote above says, some cross the invisible line into addictive behaviors, which calls for additional attention.

So what makes us want to escape instead of coping? We may have a fear that if we look honestly at our situation, that it will overwhelm us or that we don't have the strength to cope with it. Some of us want to avoid pain, at all costs, and live a life of pure joy. This, of course, is unrealistic. Pain and joy come from the same place within us.

Look at your current lifestyle. Is it your typical behavior to run away from tough feelings? It is natural to want to run away, but we must persevere through challenges. We can waste a great deal of time going around situations and feelings, all the while creating new issues in the process. It require courage, strength, and support to face the real issues in life.

Do you have an "elephant" in your room? Are there issues you are refusing to address because you "just can't go there?" I assure you that if you walk gently through these issues and feel the pain, you will experience relief on the other side. Remember, to hold someone's hand in the process. If you find yourself in the cycle of active addiction to any substance or compulsive behavior, there is help. It is possible to discover a new way of life, free of compulsion, and to develop healthy coping skills. Reach out......